Current Research Papers

Spatial Analysis of Livestock Grazing and Forest Service Management in the High Uintas Wilderness, Utah 2020 - This paper reveals the damage being done to our watersheds and the Uinta Wilderness by grazing tens of thousands of domestic sheep on steep slopes and in areas not suitable for grazing due to erosion hazard, damage to streams and lakes, and displacement of wildlife. Dr. Carter has spent decades exploring this Wilderness and surveying the damage caused by grazing livestock here. This paper and its analysis expose the Forest Service for its lack of management and protection of these values even though their own scientists first documented the damage in the 1960's.

Upland Water and Deferred Rotation Effects on Cattle Use in Riparian and Upland Areas - This is a scientific article on many years of monitoring studies on the Duck Creek allotment (Rich County, northeastern Utah), and why the BLM's approach of not reducing stocking rates and simply adding more pastures and fences and water does not equate to better health and function of the resources. The article will be published in the range management journal Rangelands.

Range Management and Climate Change - This is a paper by Dr. Carter and co-authors presenting years of research on the Duck Creek allotment, evaluating BLM monitoring by using quantitative comparisons to their qualitative assessments and demonstrating livestock impacts to the terrestrial and riparian systems. The paper points out the role of livestock grazing in climate change and how systems near potential are more resistant to drought and climate change.

Moderating Livestock Grazing Effects to Carbon and Nitrogen Storage - This paper by Dr. Carter and co-authors was based on surveys in the Bear River Range in Utah and Idaho. It showed how livestock grazing reduces the stored carbon and nitrogen by removing the herbaceous vegetation and destroying mycorrhizal fungi in forest soils by trampling.

Holistic Management: Misinformation on the Science of Grazed Ecosystems - A review paper by Dr. Carter and co-authors refuting the claims that livestock grazing can restore degraded ecosystems and reverse climate change.